Declutter your browser with tabs manager

Declutter your browser with tabs manager

We hardly close our browser or even the laptop lid in the fear of losing our browser tabs. Letting go of your precious tab collections is not easy, and sometimes even painful. If you feel this situation resonates with you, this blog is for you.
We believe multiple open tabs are more than screen clutter but also reflect our to-do list, and tidying up the Tabs should not become a priority task on the same list. For minimalists and tab hoarders alike, finding the correct Tab is like finding a needle in the haystack, but thankfully Ulaa has a solid built-in Tabs Manager.
Tabs Manager is a productivity-enhancing feature that helps you to organize and prioritise the open tabs easily. This built-in tool will keep your tab cluster under control and enhances the browsing experience.

Get to know your Tabs Manager


When there is important information you want to present to your colleagues, that particular tab gets camouflaged like a black cat in a coal cellar. Saving it can simply solve the problem. You can select a list of tabs that you wish to save or choose to save all the tabs, aka the entire window, by selecting tabs manager from the toolbar. Give it a name and take the tabs for a tango every time you wish to open your "Research project" or "Gift ideas for birthday" 


When you have too many open tabs, you could accidentally click the 'x' button and instantly regret it, only to realize the crime sooner or later, but definitely not in time.
Poof, there goes your unsaved Tabs obliterated in oblivion!
By pinning the tabs to the browser you can easily safeguard the important ones and never lose them again. You can simply right-click on the desired Tab and pin it. The pinned tabs will always stay on the toolbar even after you close and reopen the browser later.


Just drag and drop the tabs to reorder and make the most of your time online. You can prioritise your checklist and stay ahead of your deadlines. 


Endless loading pages can easily spoil your day, especially for tab hoarders- it is mind-numbing. You can pause the unused tabs for the time being and save precious data and system resources. This will help your device to offload or hibernate the strain on the CPU, which eventually slows down the browser in the longer run. Go to the tabs manager and pause the tabs.   

Recover recently closed Tabs

There are instances where children or even adults will suddenly become tab terminators! They might accidentally close the most important tab or even the entire browser. You might not have saved them too. That's a double whammy! Command + shift + T comes to the rescue like a knight in shining armour. It swiftly opens the recently closed tabs and protects you from getting a panic attack.  

Cycle through the tabs

You cannot play games to find the tabs, jumping from one Tab to another like a Mario jumping to find its way home, can you? Instead, press Control + Tab to move through the tabs (forward and backwards). You can also cycle through them in the recently used order by enabling the function from Menu > Preferences > Advanced > Accessibility.  

Open multiple tabs on the home page 

You may want to see multiple websites on your home page when you open the browser. To do so: Open Ulaa and select Preferences > On Startup from the menu. Choose Open a specific page or set of pages and add the site URL. The next time you open Ulaa, all the listed websites will be ready for you to start working. 

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