Simplify your life online with Password Manager

Simplify your life online with Password Manager

A straightforward solution to save your passwords securely 

In today's digital era, passwords are the most commonly used way to access a service or an application, and it is not going anywhere in the near future. Almost always, we are forced to create and manage passwords for every website we wish to surf through. It is impossible to escape this black hole in our workspace as well. As a result, we tend to create repetitive passwords, which opens Pandora's box, compromising user security.


We, humans, are blessed with an inherent lack of memorability. The result is writing our passwords on the home screen or even physically noting them down on a piece of paper, which makes us vulnerable to shoulder surfing attacks. As fancy as it sounds, it is the opposite of something fancy. It is a situation where the attacker can physically view your monitor or peek into your device to obtain personal information. A solid Password manager acts as a silver bullet to all these issues. 

The jeopardy of weak passwords 

'12345678', 'qwerty' or 'password', wondering how I know your password? You are not alone! Half the world uses it. Most of them are susceptible to brute force attacks, including yourself, if you have chosen any one of the above godforsaken common evils. The repetition of passwords is even worse! If a hacker gets one of your credentials, be ready to face the domino effect. The password manager is an easy way out of this misery. 

Ulaa password manager

You can save, delete and generate strong passwords for existing or new accounts and access them across multiple devices with the Ulaa password manager. You have to remember one master password and it can unlock every other...


The password manager follows a zero-knowledge security model. It maintains the proof that you have the unique password/key, but it does not have the password itself. The only person who knows the password is you! You can trust the Password Manager with sensitive data since all your passwords are encrypted and decrypted on your local device. 

How does Ulaa protect your passwords?

Communication through the Internet is secured by a technique called Cryptography. Encryption and decryption are the two imperative features of this process that protect your data and other information from attackers with malicious intent. 


Your passwords are taken as plain text and converted into something unreadable and useless to hackers. Encryption helps to protect your passwords from bad actors by using a technique called hashing. Your passwords remain unknown to everyone but you. 


The unreadable plain text will be converted back to its original form once you enter the master password. None can alter or modify either the data or the password except you. Even if your passwords get exposed, it is a futile attempt for the attackers. The data they receive is scrambled, remember?


The next time Ulaa suggests you create a password with a number, symbol, capital letter and punctuation mark, take the first step towards user security by creating passwords as suggested and become a password hygiene champ.. 


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