Kids Mode -where fun meets safety!

Kids Mode -where fun meets safety!

The best way to keep your kids occupied these days when you yourself are busy is to hand over a mobile or a laptop to them. The moment you feel relieved about your kids having a good time, the fear of them seeing unwanted stuff on the internet creeps in and takes away the slightest sigh of relief you just let out.

What if my child gets into an unsafe site? What if something irrelevant to his age pops up as a suggestion? What if he clicks on an ad and it directs him to harmful sites? If these kinds of 'what ifs' linger on your mind every time you hand over your device to your kids, then Kids Mode on Ulaa is just for you.

Your 'What If's Vs Ours

For all those lingering questions that keep you up at 2 AM, Ulaa has its counters. What if you could ensure that your children only access age-appropriate content online? What if you could make screen time a more positive and educational experience for your child? What if you could give your little ones the freedom to explore the internet while still keeping them safe? What if you can password-protect and keep all your important data stashed away from your kids? What if we tell you, you can do all this with the Kids Mode in Ulaa? Read on, to know how!

Kids mode comes with a set of features that make it a safe space online for your little ones. Let's unwrap Kids Mode!

Learning On the Go 

It can be challenging to find kid-friendly content that is both safe and educational. Worry no more, because Kids Mode is here! 

Kids Mode is packed with a bunch of fun learning games that act as an excellent tool to keep your children occupied.You can find on the dashboard, safe games that keep your children productive and not just busy.    

Parental Control 

In these trying times where you can never keep your kids away from the internet, the least you can do is make sure they are safe and sound in a secure space.

While your kids sail through the ocean of the internet, you can be the wind that directs them to the right destinations. You can block the sites that you do not want your kids to access, on the Kids Mode Preferences menu on the Preferences page. (Know how)

Child Lock

Keeping your little ones away from your devices could be difficult, but keeping them away from personal and work data is not. With a child lock on, you can restrict your child from entering other modes and keep your data safe from being accidentally deleted or altered by your kids.  (know more)
Long story short, Kids Mode is the antidote for all the anxious thoughts that line up in your mind when your kids enter the world of the web. If you wish to give a pleasant zone for your children to learn, play and explore the internet in a safe way, switch to Kids Mode on Ulaa right away!

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