Modes in Ulaa 

Switching between personal and work life is hard enough in real life. Should it be hard while using your browser too?

That's why Ulaa offers five exclusive modes- Personal, Work, Kids, Developer, and Open Season mode- that help you organize and manage your browsing activities. Each mode has a unique theme and launches in an entirely new window. You can open multiple modes simultaneously and switch between windows with a simple click.  

Personal Mode 

Personal mode is for you to explore the world of the internet without compromising your privacy and security. Designed for your leisurely browsing activities such as scrolling through shopping sites, social media and personal email, it helps bring a balance between professional and personal life. 


Work Mode 

How many times have you ended up scrolling memes on social media, losing focus on your deadline at work? Work Mode in Ulaa is built to improve your productivity while working online. This mode is ideal for professionals who need a distraction-free browsing experience. Switching to work mode helps you to access work-related websites, applications and privileged company information with minimal distractions. All your work and personal data sync independently using Mode isolation

Kids Mode 

Kids Mode is tailor-made to provide a safe and fun browsing experience for your children. Ulaa turns your browser into a kid-friendly space with a range of features such as Parental Control and Child lock to block inappropriate content and websites online. Your children cannot access other modes since entering or exiting the kids' mode is passphrase protected. Learning on the go is a great way for your kids to learn and have fun simultaneously with built-in games and educational websites. Know more

Developer Mode 

Developer Mode on Ulaa is for professional web developers and testers. This mode comes with a list of suggested extensions for advanced users. 

Open Season Mode

Open Season mode has zero browser restrictions. However, this mode makes you vulnerable to trackers and malicious malware that can affect your system performance and cause privacy concerns.  

Auto Mode Switching  

This unique feature allows you to map your websites to specific modes. The browser displays a pop-up notification on your screen to switch modes when you open a mapped website on a different mode. Know more.

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