What is chromium and how Ulaa is different from chromium?

What is chromium and how Ulaa is different from chromium?

What is Chromium?  

Chromium is a set of open-source code written in C++ and a few other programming languages upon which popular browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Brave are built. Many modern browsers utilize Chromium, establishing a stronger foundation. Assume Chromium is like a raw material, and every other browser built on it is value addition- the final product (most modern browsers) is a user-friendly browser loaded with features.

Why is Ulaa built on Chromium?  

Chromium covers most of the functionalities, and provides a solid foundation for the developers. User familiarity and extensive features make Chromium highly adaptable and versatile. The cross-platform compatibility makes it accessible to a wide range of users, supporting a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. 
Ulaa is built by modifying parts of Chromium. In terms of privacy and security, Chromium has a set of built-in configurations upon which the Ulaa browser has improvised. Adblocker and privacy reports are some of the security features built by Ulaa to protect users from online threats.

Shortcomings of Chromium  

Chromium sends (limited) your data and browsing behaviour to Google by default for certain functionalities. Such data collection can be a privacy concern. These data can be utilised in several ways, including advertising.
Have you wondered why your favourite shoes you searched online are now following you everywhere? Well, that's targeted advertising (one way to use your data). Another fact is that it does not support any copyrighted content. You cannot watch your favourite shows on Netflix or other OTT platforms since Chromium does not support the Digital Rights Management (DRM) components.
Every time there is a security patch or any other bug fix release, there is no auto-update mechanism to protect you. A timely security patch is impossible unless you painstakingly check and update things yourself. 

How Ulaa bridges the gap? 

Ulaa is free, we neither collect nor sell your data since we do not support an ad-based model. We are not data harvesters. With built-in features like Adblocker, End-to-end encryption, and Privacy reports, the browsing experience will be faster, safer, and more secure. These features will reduce the stress on your device, making it less resource hungry. We follow a 24-hour patch policy to fix security-related issues, giving no window for fraudulent activities. Ulaa supports Digital Rights Management (DRM) to play copyrighted content, understanding the impact of OTT and other media platforms. 

Some of the other key features of Ulaa include Modes, Dynamic URL switching, Smart grouping tabs, Kids mode and much more. 

For any additional queries or assistance reach us at https://ulaabrowser.zohodesk.com/portal/en/newticket 
Want to share your feedback? Write to us at https://ulaa.com/feedback 

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